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Business Insight for the Shooting Sports Industry

Our Mission:

NASGW SCOPE™ is an industry-owned, distributor-led initiative to collect, standardize, and analyze data that strengthens shooting sports businesses.


SCOPE DLX (Distributor Link Exchange) is a reporting and analytics tool showcasing distributor shipments and inventory. It allows manufacturers to easily see inventory levels for each of their products in their participating wholesalers’ warehouses. On top of that, SCOPE DLX allows manufacturers to analyze distributor sales to the dealers and compare those sales to the rest of the industry, by product type and caliber.


SCOPE CLX (Customer Link Exchange) is a sophisticated platform that allows retailers to contribute aggregated product sales data, combined with other retailers to better understand the product performance and sales trends. SCOPE CLX is available to NASGW members and, when paired with SCOPE DLX, provides a powerful analysis of the distribution channel that is segmentable by region, product type, caliber, and more.


SCOPE PLX (Product Link Exchange), is the central hub of product information for the entire SCOPE platform and beyond. NASGW's team of developers is working on standardizing this product data to help manufacturing partners manage and distribute the most accurate set of product details, images, and specifications in the industry.