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The Caliber Awards

The NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards honor the highest caliber new products in six product categories including the best new rifle, handgun, shotgun, ammunition, optic, and best new accessory; as well as the overall best new product.

The Caliber Awards are chosen by an independent panel of 18 industry professionals, encompassing hundreds of years of experience in the Shooting Sports Industry. The panel includes wholesalers and media members who stay on top of product trends and innovations year in and year out. This is the most objective process in the industry and finalists and winners are the best of the best.

													 MG 6244 72dpi

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2022 Caliber Award Winners

													 NASGW MG 9947

Best New Handgun


													 NASGW MG 9964

Best New Rifle

Christensen Arms - Ridgeline FFT

													 NASGW MG 9994

Best New Shotgun

Mossberg - 940 Pro Turkey Shotguns

													 NASGW MG 9909

Best New Optic

Holosun Technologies - EPS Carry

													 NASGW MG 9934

Best New Ammo

Hornady Manufacturing - Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition

													 NASGW MG 9894

Best New Accessory

American Outdoor Brands - Caldwell Claymore Target Thrower