Webinar: Applying Surveys To Increase Sales

Apr 11, 2019 - 12:00 PM

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Demand in the shooting sports industry has dropped. Customers have more choices on where they buy. What are you doing to retain your existing customers and acquire new ones? When was the last time you formally asked your customers or prospects specifically what they wanted from you?

According to a survey conducted of shooting industry executives, 65% of companies ‘never’ to ‘sometimes’ survey their customers. We’re not sure how any company can develop successful products or satisfy customer needs without asking them what they want.

For this reason, the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, in association with Growth Strategy Partners LLC, is pleased to announce a webinar designed to help shooting industry companies grow their businesses. The topic of this session is Applying CARS to Increase Sales and Profits (Customer Acquisition and Retention Surveys).

We Will Share With You:

  • How customer input drives sales and profits
  • Why companies fear asking their customers
  • Developing products using customer input
  • How to build your customer acquisition and retention surveys
  • How and when to survey your customers and prospects
  • Identifying customers at risk and where to sell more
  • The need for incentives to increase response rates

This webinar is for Presidents, owners, executives and sales leaders who would like to increase sales or improve upon their customer feedback systems.

The event will be presented by Christopher DiCenso of Growth Strategy Partners and George Harris of International Firearms Consultants. Both are experts in obtaining customer input and feedback.

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