President's Message: What's Your Story?

Feb 16, 2017

Hardly a day passes in my home without my wife asking, “Do you have any stories to tell me today?” She either grills me, or the kids – or both me and the kids. I suppose in part it’s because she’s an English teacher and books and stories are as much a part of her life as the hair on her head.

The clear cut understanding in our family is you probably need to come up with a story or two for mom. Sometimes it’s interesting and educational and sometimes it might be silly or just downright ridiculous. Either way, it helps to create a pretty unique tapestry and it’s a great way to evaluate your life, based on the premise of a story.

Listen, everyone has a story to tell. And when you evaluate your life, your job, your career, your business through this prism, it can be somewhat revealing. Hey let’s face it… we’ve all applied for jobs or created marketing campaigns for our companies. Most of us are involved in selling each and every day.

When you cut through all the clutter, we’re just telling stories. How well you tell that story determines if you get hired, if your product makes it to store shelves and ultimately whether or not the consumers decide to buy. How well you tell your story and sell yourself makes a difference in most every decision you make and most every significant opportunity in life comes when you’ve told your story well.

I’ve mentioned in this column in the past that NASGW is working on its story. We revamped our image and the way we communicate with you. We’ve changed how we approach a lot of what we do, and we’re still busy writing new chapters. Putting your story together takes time, effort and energy. It also takes data. You need to gather all the facts, statistics and you need to give it some great analysis. We’re busy working on this right now.

I probably don’t have to tell you all, but the shooting sports industry is an amazing story. NASGW’s place in the industry is a great story in and of itself. Since 1954, we’ve been advocating for 2-step distribution. 62 years… and God willing, we’ll be doing it for the next 62 years too.

Other associations, other industries are also digging into their stories. I see it all over the U.S. and it was crystal clear during a recent National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors meeting in Washington, D.C. Associations, companies and individuals who aren’t keeping their story up to date will get relegated to the musty corners of the library.

What would your answer be if someone asked, “Do you have any stories to tell?”

Would it be a page turner or would it merely collect dust on the shelf?

Until next time.

Kenyon Gleason

NASGW President

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