Webinar: Giving Performance Feedback That Works!

Feb 15, 2017

Not afraid of the dark? But I’ll bet you’re afraid of giving an employee feedback about their performance – especially if it needs to be improved!  Yet, we will eagerly discuss, or is it complain, about these issues with colleagues or loved ones.

If we listen to our complaints, naming the “problem” performance isn't the roadblock. So, why do we all steer clear of challenging performance conversations? If only we could use our complaints constructively! But, can it be as simple as not knowing what to say?

Many have forgotten that the primary purpose of conversations about performance is to improve performance. Yet in a performance appraisal discussion, many of us go through a list of our complaints about past performance that did not measure up – as if listening to a litany of criticisms ever helped anyone change their performance for the better!

In this complimentary 30 minute webinar, we will share two simple, common sense models and an easy-to-use technique with examples, that will not only make the giving of feedback easier, but it will help your feedback really impact performance:

  • A 4 box tool to assess if it’s a competency or commitment issue
  • The 4F model – 4 steps to achieving agreement
  • A simple technique to “reframe” your complaints to discuss results for the future.

Date: March 2

Time: 1:00 to 1:30 EST

Location: On line. Click here to register 

Presenters: Paul Plotczyk and Chris DiCenso

This webinar is designed for the President, CEO, executive and team leader who would like to improve how (s)he has a conversation with an employee that will help improve the individuals performance.  To register for this complimentary event please click here

Growth Strategy Partners

This webinar is presented solely by Growth Strategy Partners. NASGW works with Growth Strategy Partners on webinars frequently throughout the year, however this particular webinar is not not affiliated with NASGW. By sharing this webinar with our members we hope to provide them with some additional training outside of our regular webinar schedule. 

Growth Strategy Partners LLC is a management consulting firm which accelerates the revenue, profit and organizational performance of privately held companies by leveraging its research into the 7 Keys to Growth, quick impact methodologies, and experienced executive consultants. 

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