President's Message: I love the look of progress

Apr 13, 2017

Growing up, I lived and worked on a pretty diversified farm. We had cattle – so when you weren’t calving or tending to the herd’s health needs or fixing fence, there was certainly hay to put up. If I drive by a fresh cut field of alfalfa, still today, it brings me back to the endless days of mowing, raking and baling hay as a teenager. Each of those tasks gave me tangible evidence of progress.

We also raised turkeys. So, to rapidly see thousands of birds grow from one-day-old babies to massive Thanksgiving turkeys in a matter of a few months was always awe-inspiring. Progress.

We raised small grains too so there were many days spent tilling the fields and planting the seeds. To see that black dirt blossom with rows and rows of green, eventually giving way to amber wheat, oats, and barley, waving in the breeze, was clear evidence things were changing, and you were charging forward.

Now progress isn’t always this easy to identify, but these experiences taught me to consistently take time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. There’s a certain satisfaction in taking a pause and looking around at all you’ve done.

NASGW has been through some rather amazing changes the past few years. Even before I joined the organization, the wheels of change were in motion. And since January of 2015, we’ve updated our image, reminded people about what we stand for and who we’re here to serve. New projects and programs have been unveiled, and other new things are in development. We’ve moved our headquarters and changed how we’re staffed. But every decision was made with you, our members, in mind so that we can bring you the best possible service. Manufacturers, wholesalers and all our members have shared their appreciation for the incredible strides NASGW has made and continues to make. 

One of the greatest things we’ve done though is turn the NASGW Expo and Annual Meeting into a “can’t miss” event. There’s literally not a week that goes by where I don’t hear from members about how great last year’s event was or how they’re looking forward to the next October showcase. And as you’ll see in this issue of InSight, we’ve already put a lot in motion for San Antonio in October. In the end, it’s been the work of a great collection of people who care deeply about the shooting sports industry and all of our NASGW members.

As anyone who knows me well can tell you though, reflecting won’t last very long. Reality sets in quickly, and at NASGW we realize there’s a lot more we can and should be doing for the benefit of our members. 

So if you’ll excuse me now… progress is calling.

Until next time.

Kenyon Gleason

NASGW President

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