Most Companies Not Benefiting from Sales and Operations Planning

Jul 13, 2017

Growth Strategy Partners, in association with the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, conducted a webinar called Improving Fill Rates While Decreasing Costs with Sales and Operations Planning. The purpose of the webinar was to educate shooting sports industry executives on the benefits of S&OP and how to implement it in their businesses.

During the webinar, attendees were asked, “How would you rate the sophistication of your S&OP process?”

  •   0%   rated their performance ‘very high’. 
  • 16% rated their performance ‘high’
  • 24% rated their performance ‘average’
  • 48% rated their performance ‘low’
  • 12% rated their performance ‘very low’

“The shooting sports industry has a more complex supply chain and it is quickly impacted by world events and legislation, therefore I was surprised at the percent of companies in the lower performance categories,” states Chris DiCenso, the Managing Partner of Growth Strategy Partners and one of the presenters. 

Sales and operations planning has shown to increase order fill rate by over 54%, increase inventory turns 52%, and decrease costs over 10%.

So, what are the challenges executives are facing when trying to implement S&OP? Attendees identified these challenges:

  • 23% said having expertise and experience in building an S&OP process
  • 23% said changing their incentives and goals to align with S&OP
  • 23% said committing to making planning an important tool for success
  • 19% said designing and formalizing our planning process
  • 13% said obtaining cultural or leadership buy-in

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed at

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