Chairman's Message: What To Expect At The Expo

Jul 28, 2017

Being around this industry my whole life I’ve seen a lot of changes. I’ve seen sales peaks and valleys. I’ve seen shifts in consumers’ buying habits and technological advances in the supply chain. What has stayed consistent is the importance of relationships at each level of the supply chain, from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Our industry is built on trust within these relationships. Manufacturers place a lot of trust in wholesalers to distribute their products to retailers around the country. Wholesalers place a lot of trust in retailers to sell products to consumers to keep inventories moving and consumers place a lot of trust in manufacturers to produce excellent products. That is why our tagline “Wholesale Trust” is so fitting. There is no better place to experience “wholesale trust” than at the NASGW Expo.

The countdown to the 2017 NASGW Expo has begun and the NASGW team is working very hard to make those few days in San Antonio great. If you haven’t heard yet, there are some new additions to this year’s show, including the brand new Caliber Awards and a Range Day. But it doesn’t end there. NASGW is now accepting submissions for the New Product Showcase, The Expo Exclusives, and the Caliber Awards. The Range Day is scheduled for Tuesday along with the Awards Dinner so be sure you arrive in San Antonio early enough to attend both. Last year’s Awards Dinner was a very special night and the new Caliber Awards will surely add a new dimension to that event.

Speaking of the Caliber Awards, NASGW has partnered with the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) to make the Caliber Awards a reality and to bring even more recognition to our award winners, NASGW and our industry as a whole. The Caliber Awards will be chosen by a panel of independent industry experts separate from our Leadership Awards that honor our members committed to two-step wholesale distribution.

If you can’t tell I am extremely excited for the upcoming Expo. In the last few years we’ve really seen some amazing growth at NASGW and the Expo. We are proud to represent so many great companies within the shooting sports industry and help grow wholesale trust throughout the supply chain.


Until next time,


Brad Burney
NASGW Chairman

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