Chairman's Message: So Long to 2016

Dec 27, 2016

First and foremost, Happy Holidays to all. This time of year is indeed one of my favorite times to relax with family, unwind from the grind of work, look forward to the new opportunities in the new year, but also reflect on the past year. 2016 was incredible for us, NASGW, and our industry. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the growth and prosperity we achieved together. Looking ahead, there are a few question marks on the horizon. Opinions are split on the demand projections for 2017. This was quite evident in the webinar NASGW and Growth Strategy Partners held earlier this month. Will a more stable political climate impact consumer buying habits? Only time will tell.

2017 also brings a little more anticipation as we venture into a new era in the White House. We will be exploring uncharted waters with Captain Trump at the helm. There’s no doubt he is a much different leader than we have ever had. He is an ally to our industry and we won a major victory when he was elected in November, but he remains a bit of a wildcard in the eye of many. He officially takes the reigns January 20th and in the lead up to his inauguration the efforts to undermine him by the left and anti-gun groups are already well underway. Good or bad, he speaks his mind instead of feeding us carefully crafted talking points. He also brings a wealth of business experience to the Oval Office which is being reflected in his recent appointments and should have a positive impact on American businesses and our economy.

With more support in D.C., it is important not to become complacent as the assault on this industry and the 2nd amendment will continue in many states and cities throughout this nation.  With that in mind, our industry enters 2017 focused on making amazing products and getting those products into the hands of waiting consumers. Business is booming and more people than ever are getting involved in shooting sports. We must maintain this momentum by working together to deliver on our commitment to consumers and NASGW will continue to help us along the way.

So here we go, so long to 2016, bring on 2017. A new year, and new outlook, new leadership, and new opportunities. Now is the time to shape our own futures and the future of our industry. Here’s to all that was accomplished in 2016 and all that we will accomplish in 2017. Happy New Year to all.

Until Next Time,

Brad Burney

L.M. Burney Distributors

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